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Prenuptial agreements, Part 1: on the rise, and understandably so

A recent media article notes that, although the Gettysburg Address -- a momentous document to be sure -- was scrawled by President Lincoln on an envelope, the same level of informality is most assuredly not a good idea when it comes to the execution of legal documents.

Prenuptial agreement could leave Google co-founder feeling lucky

Planning ahead is something that many people do on a regular basis. We plan for budgets, vacations, doctor's appointments and even retirement. But there are some plans that are harder to make. For example, many people may not want to make plans for a divorce before they are even married. However, this can be one of the most beneficial times to think ahead and make sure you are protected in the future.

A surprise to some, but a prenup can strengthen a marriage

Partners contemplating marriage in Florida and entering the union with one or both of them having significant assets -- an already thriving business, perhaps; real estate; an inheritance -- might more profitably exchange footwear than rings.

Divorce trusts: Are they suitable alternatives to prenups?

Relevant demographics and statistics related to marriage and divorce in Florida and the rest of the United States well indicate why increased focus is being placed by partners in many relationships on keeping a tighter hold over their assets through prenuptial agreements or in other ways.

Report: Jennifer Aniston, slated to marry, will eschew prenup

Once again, the concept of a marital contract is front and center. A prenuptial agreement has a tendency to do that by assuming central prominence over other matters, especially in a marriage that is notable for one, and sometimes both, of the parties bringing substantial wealth to the union.

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