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Guiding Grandparents And Stepparents Through The Uncontested Adoption Process

Grandparents, relatives or stepparents often wish to take steps to pursue the adoption of a minor child. The adoption is uncontested, as the biological parents are willing to terminate their parental obligations under the law.

However, individuals who wish to pursue a kinship or relative adoption, as it’s referred to, must surpass important hurdles and complete procedural steps before the uncontested adoption will be finalized.


First, the stepparent or grandparent must be eligible to legally adopt in the state of Florida. Florida statutes outline instances when adoption is prohibited.

Filing The Petition

If the individual passes eligibility, he or she must then file a petition with the court requesting the adoption. The petition must include pertinent information regarding the stepparent or grandparent, referred to as the petitioner.

Consent From The Parent

The parents of the child must provide written consent to the adoption. The consent must be completed before a notary. In some instances, however, the court may determine that parental consent is not necessary in the case of a deceased parent.

Guidance From An Experienced Family Law Team

Hiring a knowledgeable family law attorney who understands the procedures of an uncontested adoption, one who can offer advocacy during every step of the way, is essential.

At Pacheco Perez P.A., we have assisted many individuals in Miami and South Florida with family law matters, including uncontested adoptions. Our attorneys know the law and can offer individualized guidance as it pertains to your specific circumstance.

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