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Reaching Agreements On Florida Parental Rights And Responsibilities For Divorcing Parents

When couples with children divorce, one of the top issues to resolve involves parental responsibilities. Both parties need to execute the right timesharing and parental responsibility plan that is in the best interests of their children and family post-divorce.

What Needs To Be In A Florida Parenting Plan?

In Florida, parents must put into place a parenting plan that outlines the following:

  • Each parent’s responsibility
  • The child’s main place of residence
  • The arrangement for timesharing including specifics for dates, times, and exchanges
  • The amount of child support payments
  • Decision-making strategies
  • Tactics for dispute resolution


Since every situation is different and everyone’s needs vary, getting an attorney with knowledge handling a multitude of family law matters relating to children is vital.

Assistance From Knowledgeable, Reputable Miami Family Law Attorneys

At Pacheco Perez P.A., we have extensive experience helping families in South Florida and The Greater Miami area resolve child custody and many other family law matters. Family law is all we do. We have widespread experience working with parents to negotiate agreements outside of court via alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation. We also have litigated countless cases in court that have involved children of a marriage.

We invite you to learn more about us and our background.

Honest, Straightforward Guidance Is Our Motto

Our lawyers take pride in finding a personalized solution to each and every situation, but always one that is realistic. And sometimes it’s not always what our clients want to hear. But, in the long run, without realistic goals, our clients often end up spending more money and experience more stress.

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