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What can you expect in a first-time divorce with children?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2023 | Divorce

Although many people have navigated the divorce process more than once, some have never done so as a parent and do not quite know what to expect. Even seasoned individuals can falter when making divorce decisions that impact their children for the first time.

Unfortunately, difficulty making decisions can unduly complicate your divorce and possibly increase hardships for your kids. Each situation is unique, but there are several things most parents divorcing for the first time should anticipate.

Your heart might break several times

Often, this is a risk when divorce has a powerful impact on children. Every time you see them struggling with sadness and fear, it will pull sharply on your heartstrings. Prepare yourself for this possibility and be ready to give your kids extra love and nurturing.

Some kids play the blame game

Sometimes, when kids face troubling events like parental divorce, they may look for someone to blame. If your child blames you, avoid making decisions just to regain their favor, as that may happen anyway. Shower them with reassurance if they begin to believe it is their fault.

Your children may need increased stability

Since their world is changing drastically, most kids involved in a divorce benefit from stability more than ever. Knowing when they can spend time with each parent may improve their sense of security. Make it a priority to create a parenting time plan that complies with Florida law early in your divorce.

Remember, divorce decisions could impact you and your kids for months or years. Legal guidance may help keep you on track to achieving your goals if your children’s struggles begin to affect your decision-making skills.