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Hidden Asset Attorneys In Miami

Florida’s equitable division of property doctrine does not mandate a 50/50 split but what the court considers “fair.” All marital property should be counted in this fair or equitable division. In some situations, however, spouses attempt to hide assets they feel belong to only them, particularly if they own a small business or professional practice.

At Pacheco Perez P.A., we can protect your interests and make sure all marital assets are subject to division. Our family law attorneys have extensive experience advocating for individuals in Miami and throughout South Florida with all aspects of their divorce, including property division.

Finding Hidden Assets And Business Assets During Divorce

When you file for divorce, pretrial litigation begins and the discovery process commences. Discovery is a form of financial disclosure where the parties can request and receive important documents and information. Each party will also complete a financial affidavit, which is supposed to provide a comprehensive summary of their financial circumstances. The parties’ financial affidavits and the financial documents they exchange are used to ensure their marital assets are equitably distributed and their separate assets remain untouched, unless there is a valid claim.

Unfortunately, some parties are not forthcoming about the extent of their assets. When subterfuge is suspected, forensic accounting should become part of the divorce process. A forensic accountant, then, will analyze the following documents to prove the existence of hidden assets:

  • Loans
  • All accounts, including those offshore
  • Real estate holdings
  • Tax returns

When the party suspected of hiding property owns a business, a forensic accountant can also evaluate their business assets. Common ways of hiding assets through businesses include deferring clients’ payments, devaluing the enterprise, exaggerating expenses, issuing paychecks to nonexistent employees and making tax overpayments.

At Pacheco Perez P.A., we often retain forensic accountants, where appropriate, in Miami divorces to assist in the discovery process and provide expert testimony. These professionals will make sure all assets that belong in your marital estate are accounted for. If accounts are offshore or abroad, the process of finding them becomes even more difficult and complex. Yet we will do everything we can to locate these.

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