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Post-Judgment Modifications In Florida

If parties reach an agreement before they can finalize their divorce or paternity matter. If both parties reach an agreement they will memorialize that agreement in writing and then a court order will adopt that agreement.

However, such decrees are never set in stone; parties may be able to adjust or alter these agreements after their case is finalized under certain circumstances, such as:

  • A significant change in material circumstances, like relocation
  • A change in financial circumstances, like a job loss or employment status
  • There are additional legal requirements that must be met

If you wish to seek a modification to an existing family law order, you must petition the court. However, seeking the guidance of a family law attorney is advised, particularly with children’s issues.

Guidance From Trusted, Reputable Family Law Attorneys

At Pacheco Perez P.A., we can help. We have assisted individuals in Miami and throughout South Florida with court ordered modifications of all types. From parenting plans to alimony to child support agreements, we have helped many individuals in similar circumstances.

Enforcing Court Orders

An ex-spouse can also seek to enforce an existing agreement or court order if the other party fails to abide by its terms.

If the paying spouse or parent either falls behind on court-ordered payments or refuses to pay them, you can seek involvement from the court. A family law judge does not have a lot of discretion in how to proceed with an enforcement action. Incarceration, fines and loss of parenting time are not uncommon actions courts can and do take, under the appropriate circumstances.

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