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Child Custody

Timesharing when you live states apart

Just before your divorce, you were at a critical juncture in your life. You had a fantastic opportunity to work in another state, which would significantly increase your income while also moving you to an area with a lower cost of living. To you, it made perfect sense...

Modifying child custody orders in Florida

Family law judges in Florida make child custody decisions based on what they believe are the best interests of the child, and they are reluctant to revise them unless they are presented with compelling evidence of an unanticipated, material and significant change in...

Should you and your ex vacation together?

The summer is the season for family vacations, and your children have free time during this three-month break from school. When you and your ex were married, you always took at least a week for a family trip.  Things have changed, though, and you got divorced. Should...