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Child Custody

Can you care too much as a co-parent?

As a divorcing parent, you’ve been sharing parenting duties with your soon-to-be ex for some time. Yet divorce marks a fundamental shift in your relationship and you may need to learn new ways of handling things. One of those is learning to let things slide. Here is...

Should you request virtual visitation?

A divorce involving children can be complex as it involves additional aspects. And one of them is how the non-custodial parent will see the kids. The court will usually grant them visitation rights to help them maintain a healthy relationship with the kids.  Different...

Virtual visitation: The basics

Co-parenting in the modern age is, in many ways, easier than it has ever been. Instead of speaking with your child’s other parent directly – which could understandably lead to a fight – you can email them or message them via a co-parenting app. And instead of going...