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The Importance Of Seeking An Experienced Divorce Counsel When Complex Property Is Involved

If you are facing a complex property division dispute in your divorce and are unable to come to an agreement with your spouse, the first thing to understand is that the State of Florida utilizes the principle of equitable distribution.

This means that all property and assets acquired during marriage — known as marital property — will be divided in an equitable manner. The court will divide property fairly, not 50/50.

However, you must first determine what property is marital and what property is not.

For this reason, seeking a knowledgeable family law attorney is recommended.

Helping You Determine Marital And Nonmarital Property

At Pacheco Perez P.A. in Miami, Florida, our lawyers have extensive experience representing individuals with complex property division matters in their divorce.

In many cases, it is challenging to determine which property is marital and which property is nonmarital.

Some assets brought into or accumulated during marriage, such as real estate property, stock options and bonds, 401(k)s and family-owned businesses, cannot be equitably divided easily. In certain cases, a spouse may have had hidden assets during the marriage in an attempt to prevent the other spouse from assets that he or she may be entitled to.

At our firm, we will advocate for your interests and help you identify property that should be involved in your divorce.

Once marital property is identified, we can help you determine how equitable distribution will apply to your case. We often work with forensic professionals when appropriate to properly value your assets.

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If you are facing challenging property division issues in your divorce, let our attorneys help you. We always provide relevant, realistic solutions that can save you money and time, and will promote your best interests.

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