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Charting Your Course Through Child Support: Lawyers Dedicated To You

In the midst of family transitions, questions about child support can loom large. You might be unsure where to start. You deserve clarity regarding your rights and responsibilities.

At Pacheco Perez P.A., we’re here to help. Our Miami child support attorneys have helped numerous parents across South Florida navigate the complexities of the child support landscape.

Demystifying Child Support

“Child support” refers to the court-ordered payments that one parent makes to the other to help cover the costs of raising their child. Child support comes into play when parents are divorced or separated, or when paternity has been established.

Determining Child Support In Florida

Under Florida law, many factors come into consideration when determining child support. They include:

Florida’s child support guidelines encompass these and other factors. The guidelines are designed to ensure that children receive the necessary financial support from both parents, proportionate to their income. The Florida child support calculator is based on these factors, but it isn’t definitive.

What To Expect In The Child Support Process

Applying for child support in Miami involves filing a petition in the appropriate family court. You’ll need to supply financial documents, and there may be a hearing. It’s a process that can feel daunting, but when you work with us, we’ll be there for you at every step.

Unforeseen Changes And Challenges With Child Support

Life is full of changes, and sometimes those changes affect child support. If one parent fails to remain current on child support payments, it may be necessary to take legal action. Similarly, if there’s a significant shift in financial or living conditions, the original order may need adjusting. We can guide you through the options and process for enforcing payments or seeking modifications. Our child support lawyers have a thorough understanding of these situations.

Take An Active Role In Your Child Support Situation With Our Help

Child support can be complicated. We understand the weight of your concerns. When you work with us, our attorneys will provide clear, comprehensive answers and professional representation. We invite you to contact us at 305-742-0063 and discover how we can help you navigate your child support questions with confidence.