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Call Our Miami Office For A Consultation: 305-742-0063

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Issues Involving

Time-sharing plans to parental relocation to guardian ad litem — we have extensive experience handling children’s issues affecting separated parties

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Family Law

We help individuals modify court orders, enforce court orders, create concrete prenups and handle paternity actions

Handling Family
Law Matters For
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A Straightforward, Honest
Approach To Handling
Family Law Affairs

Family law is unpredictable. Finding resolutions to issues isn’t always black and white.

With many years of experience litigating and negotiating high-conflict divorces and hostile child custody issues throughout Miami, at Pacheco Perez P.A., we understand.

As your attorney, our ultimate goal is to provide you with realistic, honest advice and guidance on the best strategy for your situation. We tell it like it is. Sometimes, it’s not always what our clients want to hear. But in the long run, it saves them stress, time and money.

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Family Law Matters Are Unique — The Solution Should Be Too

Family law issues are personal and unique to every person. Our lawyers always aim to find a personalized approach that is in your best interests and those of your family.

Whether you need assistance finding a new plan that involves a parental relocation, need help regarding a restraining order for a domestic dispute or believe your soon-to-be spouse is hiding assets, let us use our skills, knowledge and experience to find an individualized solution for you and your situation.

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