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Miami High-Asset Divorce Attorneys

At Pacheco Perez P.A., we can help if you are going through a high-asset divorce in Miami. Our high net worth divorce attorneys have handled these matters for many years. We know high net worth divorces involve many unique assets, and we frequently work with forensic accountants, financial investigators, appraisers and other professionals to value these so the couple or a family law court can divide them appropriately.

If you are preparing for a high-asset Miami divorce, let us help you. We will take essential steps to protect your property. And we will strive to achieve an outcome that minimizes your divorce’s impact on your net worth.

What Assets Are Involved In High Net Worth Divorces?

Divorcing couples with substantial assets or high net worth investments often encounter different types of distribution than a typical divorce. In addition to dividing a primary residence, the following are often involved in a high-asset divorce:

  • Real estate investments: Both commercial and residential real estate investment properties may be subject to division, even if only one spouse owns them.
  • Vacation homes: It is not uncommon for high net worth couples to own one or more vacation homes where they spend their leisure time.
  • Automobiles, boats and watercraft: Car collections, yachts and other fine motor vehicles may hold substantial value to each spouse, both personal and financial.
  • Jewelry, furs, handbags and artwork: Like vehicle collections, fine clothing, handbags and artwork can add worth to a marital estate as well as have sentimental value to a spouse.
  • Retirement accounts: Several different types of retirement accounts exist, and all of these can be difficult to divide. Even though retirement accounts are often held in one spouse’s name, they are still considered marital property if they were created or funded after the marriage happened.
  • Bank accounts: Multiple individual and joint bank accounts often come into play in high net worth divorces.
  • Stocks, bonds and crypto investments: Investment portfolios are one of the most valuable assets high net worth couples will divide. Some investments, specifically cryptocurrency, can be challenging to track down and require legal help to discover.
  • Businesses: Many high net worth individuals own businesses that may have to be distributed. Retaining ownership of a business may come down to forfeiting other valuable assets in order to achieve an equitable distribution.
  • Inheritances: Some high net worth individuals come into wealth (or greater wealth) through an inheritance. Inheritances are considered separate property in Florida unless they have been combined with the marital estate.

If all of the above are considered marital property, they will be subject to division in a marital estate, and they all will need to be valued and divided.

In some cases, parties can negotiate and reach an agreement on who is keeping which assets. However, an appraisal to determine the value of the property may still be required.

Hidden Assets In Your Miami Divorce

Our high net worth divorce attorneys have experience uncovering hidden assets. Over the course of a marriage, it may be possible to have acquired assets unknown to your spouse or to have separated assets into an offshore account or another repository.

When the discovery process begins, all parties will have the opportunity to investigate any asset buried or shrouded by the other spouse in an attempt to prevent it from becoming subject to division in your divorce.

Offering Guidance On Marital Agreements

A large percentage of high net worth couples execute prenuptial or premarital agreements prior to marriage. The parties can also execute an agreement after the parties’ marriage, a postnuptial agreement, which works just like a prenuptial agreement. If you and your spouse have executed a marital agreement, our lawyers can analyze the document and offer guidance on its impact on a Miami divorce.

Make An Appointment With A High Net Worth Divorce Attorney In Miami

High net worth cases are very complex. If you are seeking a skilled, reputable team of family law attorneys in South Florida, contact us for help.

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