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Parenting plans: Communicating with a child’s school

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2024 | Child Custody

Navigating a child’s education as co-parents involves clear and effective communication with their school to better ensure the child’s best interests are always front and center. This can be complex and requires a coordinated effort to manage a child’s academic and social development successfully.

Parents must have a plan in place to ensure they don’t miss any notifications or communication from the school. Considering the following may help co-parents to develop or modify a plan in ways that work for their circumstances.

Establishing a unified front

The first step for co-parents is to present a unified front to the school. This involves agreeing on critical decisions and policies regarding the child’s education and welfare before speaking with teachers and school administrators. By doing so, co-parents ensure that the school receives consistent messages, which is crucial for the child’s stability and sense of security.

It is beneficial for co-parents to designate one parent as the primary contact for the school to streamline communication. Still, both parents should be kept informed and involved in discussions and decisions.

Effective communication strategies

Effective communication with a school involves more than just attending parent-teacher conferences together. Co-parents should establish a regular schedule for updating each other on communications from their child’s school. This may include email, a shared digital calendar or a dedicated app designed for co-parenting.

Transparency is critical, so each parent should have access to all school-related information, including academic reports and notices about upcoming events. This ensures that both parents can participate fully in their child’s education and support them as needed.

Navigating challenges and conflicts

Despite best efforts to communicate effectively, conflicts may arise between co-parents. In such situations, focusing on the child’s best interest is crucial. It’s best if parents have the terms of handling these situations outlined in their parenting plan so that a way forward is made clear. Working with a legal representative familiar with these situations is beneficial so that all relevant concerns are clearly detailed within a family’s plan.