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High-asset Divorce

How to plan for a gray divorce

After years of working and with the children out of the home, Florida couples may have accumulated significant assets by the time that they are nearing retirement. However, when they choose to get divorced around this age, there are numerous financial issues that must...

Peggy Vinik files for divorce

As the owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Jeff Vinik is one of the most high-profile Floridians. The former money manager is a real estate developer with a high net-worth. Vinik and his wife Penny are getting divorced after 33 years of marriage, setting up a potential...

How do I consider a divorce in Florida?

It's difficult to feel like wanting a divorce is progress. For many people in Florida who were raised with a strong family ethic, divorce can feel like a sort of bankruptcy or an admission of failure. But just like bankruptcy's true purpose, a divorce can be a fresh...