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Extensive Experience Resolving Divorce For South Florida

To many people, the emotions experienced in a divorce are very similar to that of losing a loved one. Many people undergo a similar grieving process and often experience a wide range of emotions, like anger, sadness, frustration, and guilt among others.

It is natural to worry about what the future holds regarding child custody, property division and finances.

Divorce Matters We Handle

At Pacheco Perez P.A., our attorneys have resolved divorce and related matters for those in Miami-Dade County and throughout the South Florida area. They include but are not limited to:

Family Law Modifications

We also assist with modifications to agreements and court orders. Whether you need to alter a timesharing plan, child support or alimony order, we can help.

Divorce For Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex couples in Florida who are thinking about divorce should always consider hiring a law firm with experience helping others in similar circumstances. At Pacheco Perez P.A., we have the experience to help. From stepchild parenting plans to marital property classification to alimony – our attorneys have handled many types of matters important to same-sex couples who wish to end their marriage.

Contact Us For An Initial Consultation About Your Divorce

We know how to negotiate outside of court in mediation; we know how to protect your interests in court should you need to litigate. Whatever method is best for you, our team has the experience to find the best possible resolution.

Learn more about us. Contact our attorneys in Miami to schedule a consultation today. We can speak with you about your situation, your goals and cost-effective, efficient options available.

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