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Marital mediation may be how to create a postmarital agreement

You've reached the end of the rope. You can't deal with your responsibilities to a spouse anymore. After talking, self-care and perhaps therapy, you must admit that you don't want to be married anymore. But divorce isn't some college breakup. It takes more effort and work to disentangle two people from legal matrimony, especially if children are involved.

It may be worth considering a final attempt at working out differences, especially if both parties seem to have a better idea of what they are. Marital mediation is making its way onto the scene of people struggling with marriage. It can be described as a hybrid of counseling and therapy, while not really being either of those things. The purpose is to get people to communicate about their issues and perhaps create a better relationship.

Custody case may be affected by charges against one parent

Child custody and support can take months to work out during a separation in order to finalize divorce. Kids often take the brunt of the effects of the end of a marriage, as they have no choices in the matter and have to accept a new life with a new routine. This can make it especially hard if they have to deal with alterations of the original plan.

The actions of parents or discovery of previous issues with their behavior may weigh in on custody issues and other aspects of child care after divorce. A custody battle in Alachua County has been complicated by dropped criminal charges in Michigan against one of the litigants.

How would divorce affect retirement plans?

Retirement is usually the result of hard work and planning. Even then, things may not necessarily work out as everyone intended. One of the biggest roadblocks to a retirement starting and continuing as intended is the prospect of the end of a marriage.

  • How does divorce affect retirement?

The biggest effect is usually to the biggest resource: time. Retirement plans are often made slowly and deliberately, and the money and assets gathered to support retirement take years or decades to amass. People who get divorced younger generally have more time to recover from changes, but older people may need to push their intended retirement back a few years.

  • What about retirement locations?

How do I consider a divorce in Florida?

It's difficult to feel like wanting a divorce is progress. For many people in Florida who were raised with a strong family ethic, divorce can feel like a sort of bankruptcy or an admission of failure. But just like bankruptcy's true purpose, a divorce can be a fresh start for people who truly need one.

How do you know when it's time to end a marriage?

How can you file an uncontested divorce in Miami?

Couples in Miami thinking about divorce may worry about the effect that it will have on their kids and their finances. While divorce can be messy and painful, it is also possible for a couple to work together to make the process easier for everyone involved and less of a negative experience. Uncontested divorces, typically filed on the grounds of a breakdown of the marital relationship, can be some of the least messy divorces.

An uncontested divorce filing involves you and your ex presenting the courts with the terms you have already agreed upon for asset division and the custody of any children you share. That means you have much more control over the final terms in your divorce. Provided that the terms set within the documents comply with state law, a divorce through an uncontested filing is usually faster and much more straightforward than navigating a contested divorce.

Florida man has children removed after break-in at his home

There may be no more contentious and emotional part of a divorce than working out the details of child custody and time spent with children. Couples in Florida have often been able to work out the division of assets and material possessions before coming to loggerheads over where the kids live.

But the biggest losers in a divorce are often the children, who bear the brunt of the effects without having any choices in the matters that govern their lives. This is why family courts in Florida are empowered to rule in favor of the children's apparent best interests.

High-asset divorce of pizza chain founder includes Naples condo

The emotional consequences of divorce are well-documented, as it can be one of the most stressful events in a person's life. Divorces involving a large number of marital assets can be especially problematic, as the division can become the points of contention when things are otherwise going smoothly.

Marital assets are often defined as the properties, money and other possessions that could be claimed by either spouse. It generally excludes anything that one spouse could claim and another could not, like an individual inheritance or something that was long in possession of one spouse before the marriage.

Can marital agreements make it easier to get divorced?

Marital agreements can offer couples many benefits, both in divorce and in marriage. Although these documents don't seem very romantic, when used correctly, they provide couples with guidelines on how to address financial matters. As you might expect, this can be just as valuable when divorcing as it can be in a healthy relationship.

A premarital agreement is the most well-known marital agreement. Couples sign such a document before they get married. If they are already married, couples can choose to draft a postnuptial agreement instead. A postnup addresses similar issues such as defining each spouse's financial obligations and detailing how to manage each spouse's debt.

Information for grandparents considering adoption in Florida

Caring for a child is not always an easy task, especially for parents who are struggling with other issues. For example, parents with a history of drug or alcohol addiction may find parenting especially difficult. In many cases, grandparents are there to step in for one or both parents and continue caring for the child.

In Florida, grandparents can take responsibility for a grandchild without having to face too many challenges. These are typically uncontested adoptions that proceed more smoothly than adoptions by adults unrelated to the child. For example, most adoptions require one or more home investigations before finalization. By contrast, the state usually waives this requirement during uncontested adoptions by relatives.

Putting a fair price on your rental real estate before divorce

Running a business with your spouse can seem like a great idea. Many couples work together to develop a viable business plan and build a viable revenue stream for their families. Real estate investing remains a popular way for those with liquid capital or great credit to invest and generate an ongoing stream of income.

By purchasing properties and fixing them up or preparing to rent them to tenants, you provide a much-needed service to your community while generating substantial income with which to support your family. Unfortunately, your entrepreneurial spirit may very well complicate your divorce.

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