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Divorce is stressful: Do these things to ease your mind

No matter how you look at it, you can expect the divorce process to stress you out. Even if you're looking forward to ending your marriage, you can rest assured that stress will bog you down at some point.

Fortunately, even if you're in the midst of an ugly divorce, there are things you can to do relieve the stress and feel better about the future. Here are seven things to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to your emotions, doing whatever you can to stay in a good place throughout the process
  • Continue to exercise, as it's a great way to reduce stress and keep you looking and feeling your best
  • Don't dwell on problems you can't control, as these will only make your situation worse
  • Let yourself feel down every now and again, as this will help you get in touch with your true feelings
  • Don't make rash decisions that could result in more harm (and stress) than good
  • Have fun when possible, such as by taking on a new hobby or scheduling activities that will put a smile on your face
  • Form a strong support group that can help you deal with your stress

Debt and divorce: Don’t forget these key points

As you inch closer to divorce, it's natural to turn your attention to your assets and debts. You want to know what will happen to these things during your divorce, and it's important to have a clear idea as soon as possible.

Many people focus all their energy on property division, such as who gets the family home and what happens to their retirement accounts. While these things are important, you don't want to overlook the many types of debt that you may carry together.

Are you divorcing? Answer these real estate questions

When it comes to divorce and real estate, there are sure to be a variety of questions on your mind. If you neglect to answer these, you may look back on the process and wonder what went wrong.

Here are several real estate-related questions that you must answer in a timely manner:

  • Does it make sense for one person to keep the family home? The answer is not always what you see on the surface, so you need to consider all options before proceeding.
  • Are you so attached to your home that you're making poor decisions? No one wants to leave their family home, but don't let your emotional attachment cloud your good judgment.
  • What's the best way to proceed with a sale? If you decide to sell the home, you need to understand the options for doing so and other challenges it can bring to your divorce. For example, if you owe more money than your home is worth, you may want to consider a short sale. This will impact both individuals.
  • How will you divide proceeds from the sale of the home? It's your hope that selling your family home results in some profit. If it does, you must have an idea of how to split the proceeds.

Tips for modifying your child custody agreement

Once you've solidified your out-of-court child custody agreement and a Florida family court judge has approved it, you can rely on the ability to enforce the agreement if the other parent of your child does not comply with it. However, what if circumstances change, and it's no longer practical nor in the best interests of your child to continue forward with the agreement?

If there has been a sufficiently significant change in circumstances pertaining to you, your spouse or your child, it might be possible to submit a request to modify your custody arrangements.

Top tips for telling your family about your divorce

Divorce is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, it takes courage to move down this path as a means of bettering your life. Even so, many people facing divorce are afraid to tell their family what's going on.

Here are some tips that can help ease the stress of telling your family about your divorce:

  • Write it out: When you know what you want to say and how you want to say it, it's much easier to get everything out in the open.
  • Choose the right environment: Telling your loved ones about your divorce on social media is not the best idea. Instead, choose the right time and place to do this in person.
  • Don't talk to everyone the same way: The manner in which you tell your parents about your divorce may not be the same as your siblings or extended family.
  • Reach out for support: You're not telling your loved ones about your divorce because you have no choice. You're doing so because you want their support during this difficult time. Don't be afraid to share this with your family. You may be surprised at how many people step up to assist you.

Troublesome mistakes when asking for a prenuptial agreement

Your wedding day is closing in and you realize that you have yet to discuss the creation of a prenuptial agreement with your soon-to-be spouse. While you still have time, you know that you have to dive into this conversation as soon as possible.

On the plus side, once you get your thoughts into the open, you're in better position to put the creation of a prenuptial agreement in the past.

Don’t overlook the financial impact of divorce

You know that divorce will change your personal life in a variety of ways, but don't overlook the impact it will have on your finances. If you do, you could find yourself surprised and looking for answers as the divorce process moves forward.

Here are some of the many ways your finances may change during and after divorce:

  • Property division: During your divorce, you'll work through the division of property. This means you'll get to keep some assets, but not all of them. It's natural for this to impact your finances.
  • Child support and spousal support: If you're required to pay one or both of these, it's sure to impact your finances in the future.
  • Legal fees: Going through a divorce on your own is not suggested, so you'll want to consult with a legal professional from beginning to end.
  • Division of debt: You know that property division is a big part of any divorce, but you may have overlooked the division of debt. For example, if you have joint credit-card debt, you'll be responsible for paying your portion.

These co-parenting fights are hard to avoid

When co-parenting, you do your best to avoid arguments with your ex-spouse. You had enough of these during your marriage, so the last thing you want is to go down this path in the future.

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, co-parenting fights are hard to avoid. These have a way of coming to light time and time again.

Things you may not realize about divorce

Divorce is one of those things you have to personally go through in order to understand the true impact it will have on your life. Even if you have helped a loved one through this in the past, it's different when you are the one in the middle of the process.

The way you prepare for divorce has a lot to say about how you proceed and the way you feel along the way. Here are some things you may run into that you weren't expecting:

  • There's a feeling of being lonely: Even if you know your divorce is for the best, you're sure to feel lonely at times. It's something you'll need to get used to.
  • You don't have to be in a rush: You want to get your life back in order as quickly as possible, but don't rush through your emotions and the recovery phase.
  • You'll need to take time for yourself: You're going through a lot, so caring for yourself is a big deal. If this means taking time away from work to rest your mind and body, do it.
  • You may second guess your decision: No matter how bad your marriage was, you may wonder if you did the right thing. It's hard to deal with, but totally natural.

These things will anger your partner when asking for a prenuptial

The decision to tie the knot will change your life in many ways, hopefully for the better. Even though you have plans of remaining married for the rest of your life, you could run into trouble at some point. And if that happens, divorce could be staring you straight in the face.

Since you never know what the future will bring, you may come to the conclusion that asking for a prenuptial agreement is one of the best things you can do.

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