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October 2015 Archives

A prenup may be more needed for those marrying later in life

The cliche engaged couple is still rather young, perhaps fresh out of college, without any serious income or children. They may not even have full-time jobs yet, and they have probably not accumulated any wealth. As such, though they can use a prenup, it's a bit harder to find a reason to do so.

Does my credit take a hit when the other person gets the house?

During property division negotiations, a divorcing couple often has to decide what to do with a home they own together. If the home is owned outright and there is no lender involved, the process can be simplified. Perhaps one person buys out the other person's interest in the home or someone gives up their interest in the home in exchange for other assets or an agreement about lower support payments.

Myths about divorce that you should forget today

Divorce can be complicated enough on it's own, and it's very important to understand the facts and legal steps that you have to take. The last thing you need are myths that are going to complicate the process even more or hold you back in any way. Below are a few myths you should put behind you right now if you're going to get divorced in Florida.

What happens if I don't take my parenting time?

Many divorcing or separating couples focus the energy on the custody battle stage of court proceedings. However, even after the papers are signed and an order and a schedule are in place, there may still be issues. Visitation interference — where the custodial parent refuses or makes it very difficult for the noncustodial parent to follow the visitation schedule — is a common concern, but noncustodial parents who do not take their ordered visitation can also face legal trouble.

Is a prenup an insult?

You're going to get married in the next few months, and your partner comes to you with a piece of paper. It's a prenuptial agreement, and he or she wants you to sign it before agreeing to the marriage. Should you sign it, or is that document little more than an insult that should cause you to reconsider the marriage entirely?

Military divorce and common concerns

Every divorce is different, and each comes with its own set of unique challenges to overcome. Military divorces are no different, but the issues you have to deal with may differ depending on whether you are currently in the military or are the spouse of a military member and are considering a divorce. Because of the specific issues these couples face when separating, it's important to get information on what to expect and how to protect your interests from those familiar with the ins and outs of military divorces.

5 things to do if your divorce involves domestic violence

Unfortunately, some divorces involve domestic violence in one fashion or another. In some cases, the violence happens first and sparks the divorce, while in other cases in Florida, the anger over the impending divorce leads to violence. Either way, there are some important things that must be done.

Man uses GoProp to record domestic violence incident

While domestic situations are notorious for dissolving into he-said-she-said arguments, the rise of portable technology has made sorting out the truth of these incidents easier. If domestic violence or verbal abuse is happening in your relationship, it is worth talking to a lawyer about your situation and how recording the incidents — as one Florida soldier did — may help.

Common mistakes people make when going through divorce

Mistakes can be costly when you're going through a divorce in Florida. You need to take the time to do your research, find out about all of your legal options, and make sure you don't overlook anything -- or do anything incorrectly -- so that you make things worse for yourself.

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