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5 things to do if your divorce involves domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2015 | Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, some divorces involve domestic violence in one fashion or another. In some cases, the violence happens first and sparks the divorce, while in other cases in Florida, the anger over the impending divorce leads to violence. Either way, there are some important things that must be done.

— Get in touch with the police.

If you are being threatened or harmed, contacting the authorities is of the utmost importance. All of the details can be worked out after you are safe.

— Ask for evaluations regarding who gets custody of the children.

If your spouse is a danger to you, he or she could also be a danger to the children. Make sure you bring this up for evaluation when custody is being considered.

— Go to different counseling sessions.

For some couples, joint marriage counseling is great, but this isn’t true when violence is an issue. Counseling can still help on both sides, but it’s best if you go to separate sessions.

— Consider having your spouse go through with a psychological evaluation.

This evaluation may help to shed some light on why the violence is happening and what can be done. This can help you both as you look into finding assistance.

— Say something.

Don’t stay quiet about domestic violence. It can be hard to speak up, especially if you feel embarrassed about the issue, but don’t trick yourself into thinking it’s not so bad. Say something right away to friends, loved ones, family members or the authorities.

Along with the five things listed above, be sure you look into all of your legal options in terms of divorce and protective orders.

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