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Man uses GoProp to record domestic violence incident

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2015 | Domestic Violence

While domestic situations are notorious for dissolving into he-said-she-said arguments, the rise of portable technology has made sorting out the truth of these incidents easier. If domestic violence or verbal abuse is happening in your relationship, it is worth talking to a lawyer about your situation and how recording the incidents — as one Florida soldier did — may help.

According to reports, the man began carrying a GoPro camera with him during all exchanges with his estranged ex-wife because she had allegedly attacked him several times before. The man attached the camera to his belt and then left it on throughout the entire custody exchange. Video from the camera shows the man leaning into his vehicle to unstrap his twin 2-year-old sons right before his wife appears to hit him in the testicles.

The video also recorded the exchange between the two, which included the man asking his wife what her “problem” was and her response accusing him of assaulting her. The man claims that this was not the first time his wife had falsely accused him of domestic violence, which was another reason he began carrying the camera — to prove his innocence. The man also told reporters that he believes his wife knew he had the camera on him at that time.

Local authorities reviewed the video evidence and decided to arrest the woman. She was charged with domestic battery and was in jail awaiting trial at the time of reports. It remains to be seen how the allegations of domestic violence and the video evidence will play into the couple’s custody dispute.

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