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Myths about divorce that you should forget today

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2015 | Divorce

Divorce can be complicated enough on it’s own, and it’s very important to understand the facts and legal steps that you have to take. The last thing you need are myths that are going to complicate the process even more or hold you back in any way. Below are a few myths you should put behind you right now if you’re going to get divorced in Florida.

1. Cheating makes a huge difference.

The reason this myth exists is because to those who are cheated on, it almost feels like a crime has been committed. You feel wronged, and you naturally think that’s going to play into the divorce—as if you’ll be given more of the marital property as compensation for suffering through the event. The reality, though, is that the court likely won’t care at all if one of you cheated, at least not when dividing property.

2. It’s a good idea to hide your assets.

The reasoning here seems to make sense: If you hide your assets, your partner can’t take them from you. While that may be true, this is fraud. You have to tell the court what you own so that a fair split can be determined. If you claim you have revealed all of your assets but the reality is that you hid some, you have then lied to the court and could face serious ramifications.

3. Mothers can count on child custody.

There is this idea floating around that Mom always gets the kids and Dad gets to see them on the weekends if he’s lucky. Sure, this does happen in some cases, but father’s and mothers both have an equal right to custody.

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