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March 2013 Archives

One city's domestic violence policy ridiculed, under strong attack

Always volatile, and sometimes associated with tragic outcomes, is the domestic violence that can unfortunately feature in some couples' relationships. Abuse in a family -- whether spousal/partner abuse or child abuse -- is always sad and often owes to a complex interplay of factors. Regardless of the circumstances and the underlying causes relating to domestic violence, it is critical in every instance that danger be removed from the home through the proper reporting of and police response to domestic violence acts.

Paternity suit, support demand dropped against Michael Jordan

Famed basketball player Michael Jordan has been involved previously in high-profile family law matters, including his 2006 divorce from ex-spouse Juanita Jordan. That dissolution reportedly involved a property division settlement that awarded Juanita Jordan nearly $170 million.

Want to forgo a divorce attorney? Lots of reasons to rethink that

Some divorces can turn out to be quick, simple and virtually devoid of issues, but that is not commonly the case. For couples who have been married even a few short years, there are invariably things to think about -- material, important things -- that figure heavily into divorce negotiations and an agreeable settlement.

Divorce case highlights intersection of law and religion

As this blog has occasionally noted in prior posts, there is no such thing as a "typical" divorce. Every divorce negotiation and settlement is decidedly singular, with the considerations that most occupy a divorcing couple being uniquely their own.

A special consideration in divorce property division: the house

Here's a hypothetical-come-reality that has occurred for many persons involved in divorce proceedings in recent years. One of the now former spouses, either owing to the advice of financial counselors, his or her ex-mate, or simply because of a strong personal desire, opted to retain a house not wholly owned but with equity. In exchange for that, the former spouse surrendered to the other partner an amount deemed fair from one or more of the couple's saving accounts (e.g., retirement account, brokerage account, etc).

Native American women and the Violence Against Women Act

The congressional reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act is a whopping 218 pages in length. It has passed the Senate and is heartily endorsed by President Obama. The legislation targets the scourge of domestic violence that exists in every state, including Florida.

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