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Want to forgo a divorce attorney? Lots of reasons to rethink that

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2013 | Divorce

Some divorces can turn out to be quick, simple and virtually devoid of issues, but that is not commonly the case. For couples who have been married even a few short years, there are invariably things to think about — material, important things — that figure heavily into divorce negotiations and an agreeable settlement.

Marriage is a seminal and central event in the lives of people, and divorce is the flip side of that, an occurrence that is a signal moment in life and often fraught with implications. Issues can range from child-related considerations — child custody, child support — and alimony to property division and, potentially, post-judgment relief or modifications.

In short, there can be a lot to contemplate, which led one divorce financial analyst and mediator to recently question in a media article why any person would want to consider forgoing the services of an experienced divorce attorney and simply wing it, instead.

Some people do try to go through a divorce and attend to all relevant details without the guidance and representation of a proven attorney, and that can be a costly proposition in more than one way.

For starters, the outcome obtained regarding various elements of divorce can be far from optimal where a person is flatly unknowledgeable concerning the law. And, second, the idea that a few dollars can be saved by not consulting with an attorney often ends up being a boomerang for many people, who make expensive mistakes while at the same time not achieving intended results.

Representation from a tenured and proven divorce attorney can help a person keep costs down and fully promote his or her legal interests in a marital dissolution.

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