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The reality for many divorced couples with children

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2013 | Child Custody

Some divorces are marked by pronounced acrimony that spills over to myriad aspects of a dissolution, including property division, child custody determinations, child support and numerous other matters.

Some aren’t.

Indeed, many couples find that, notwithstanding the very real discontent and intractable issues that led to their divorce, they are fully able to remain civil following dissolution. Many millions of former spouses — especially those with children — are in fact able to retain a firm parenting partnership that allows their children to experience enduring stability in spite of their parents’ split. Some people actually turn out to be better parents following a divorce than they were during an unhappy marriage.

Those realizations are firmly attested to by Annette Powers, a divorce author who recently contributed a media piece on how things have turned out for her following her divorce.

She can encapsulate her feelings in a word: Well.

In fact, Powers says that, despite her lingering and sometimes expressed resentment of things that happened during her marriage, she feels lucky for the way things have panned out for her and her former spouse in the ongoing parenting of their young son.

Statistics certainly abound regarding post-dissolution discontent and the continuing problems that many exes have concerning various child-related matters. Issues typically surface with things like support outlays, visitation schedules, holidays, one parent’s lack of involvement and so forth.

Powers, conversely, feels blessed by the strong parenting partnership she has with her ex-spouse, one that is centrally marked by a basic desire to team up as necessary in order to be good parents.

Such a post-divorce outcome is far from uncommon across the country. In fact, that same arrangement that has been similarly worked out by millions of other divorced couples.

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