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January 2012 Archives

Report: Growing financial upside for many women post-divorce

In years past, research strongly indicated that women who divorced usually suffered financial crisis, while the man's income increased. Times are changing. In a recent report released by Pew Research, a Washington, D.C., organization that has a pulse on changing social issues, divorced women are not suffering the financial setbacks or stigma with which they were once branded.

Feds augment child support collection efforts with deadbeat website

The term "deadbeat parents" is well understood by most providers in Florida and other states who fulfill their family responsibilities by caring adequately for their children. There are certainly situations in which loving and well-intentioned parents simply run into difficulties providing agreed-upon child support payments for their children -- for example, illness or a lost job. Circumstances such as these, however, do not often thrust a non-custodial parent with support duties into the realm of deadbeat parent.

Thinking about, making life following divorce optimally fulfilling

Divorce, with attendant issues that can include child custody, child support, property division and other matters, can be problematic even under the most agreeable terms, but life after divorce does not have to be. Setting your intentions early on following a divorce can help you reach goals, stay positive and find happiness.

Child custody battle spotlights Indian Child Welfare Act

When a couple from South Carolina walked out of a hospital in 2009 with their newly born adopted daughter in their arms, they could scarcely have contemplated that two and a half years later they would be enmeshed in a child custody battle with the Cherokee Nation.

Florida appellate court decides "unique" same-sex custody case

Calling it "a unique case," and stating that "the appellate courts in Florida have never before considered a case quite like it," a state appeals court in Daytona Beach ruled last month that a Brevard County judge erred in a child custody case involving a same-sex couple.

If kids could draft the divorce settlement

Divorce can bring out frustrations and emotions in everyone involved, but the stakes get even higher when children are involved. Not only do divorcing couples in Florida and nationally sometimes use their children as pawns in their conflict and often battle over custody and visitation rights, but the children themselves can also suffer compounded emotional grief from divorces that turn ugly.

Rise, fall of Miami Heat star reflected in child support arrears

With a pending bankruptcy case, a federal judge must now rule on whether the delinquent child support case against former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker can proceed. A circuit judge recently said he could not take action on the back child support and delinquent school tuition for Walker's 13-year-old daughter because of the pending bankruptcy case, subsequently leaving the decision in the hands of the federal court.

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