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Thinking about, making life following divorce optimally fulfilling

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2012 | Divorce

Divorce, with attendant issues that can include child custody, child support, property division and other matters, can be problematic even under the most agreeable terms, but life after divorce does not have to be. Setting your intentions early on following a divorce can help you reach goals, stay positive and find happiness.

Research indicates that January is the most popular month for American couples to file for a divorce. There are a host of reasons for that — to spare telling children during the holidays, to not associate divorce with the holidays, or to begin a different life with the start of a new year.

When you are faced with divorce, says a divorce counseling team, set your goals and intentions for your new life as quickly as possible. Although there are no quick fixes, there are a few tips that will help this process along.

  • Don’t make quick or life-altering decisions based on your emotions at the time; give yourself time to think and decide what you really want for your life
  • Begin to think differently; your life is different, so think new and positive
  • Surround yourself with positive, energetic people who support you and your decisions
  • Design your life around what motivates and energizes you
  • Think big dreams and thoughts and decide how they will be a part of your future

It is sometimes difficult to see where your life is headed while you are going through or emerging from a divorce. A realization that should be both strong and uplifting is that wherever you are in life now, you are always free to choose a different path that will create a happier ending.

Source: Huffington Post, “The power of intentions — thriving through divorce” Melanie Gorman, Jan. 10, 2012

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