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January is “Divorce Month” for many couples

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2012 | Divorce

Divorce is ultimately a very personal decision, and what’s best for you doesn’t have anything to do with the date on the calendar.”

Having said that, one divorce consultant interviewed by a national publication acknowledged as well what many of her professional peers are saying, namely, that — for many people — the calendar does indeed seem to matter.

That is because January — loosely termed “Divorce Month” by some — is confirmed through research and various types of analyses as being the month of the year in which most divorce filings are made.

Why is that?

For starters, a person’s marital status on the final day of a year has tax implications for returns filed the following year, and this sometimes plays heavily into determinations on divorce timing.

Divorce professionals also say that most January divorces involve children. Many disaffected couples who know that their marriage is not salvageable will nonetheless decide not to take any formal action toward dissolving it during the winter holidays, out of concern for their kids.

“They commit to giving the kids one last happy holiday as an intact family,” says one family adviser. “By January, if it’s still not working, they know it’s time to move on.”

Anecdotally, many divorce practitioners confirm that January is a busy time for them. Some even pinpoint the period January 12 – 16 as being a particularly busy period for filings. Some divorce attorneys also say that the summer months are often busy, as well, owing to the desire to relocate and get the kids immersed in a new school district.

Notwithstanding Divorce Month, divorce professionals say that the best time to divorce is obviously the time that makes the most sense personally.

“For most couples, the ‘best’ time is when they know they’ve done everything they could have done to make it work,” says the founder of an online divorce community.

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