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Report: Growing financial upside for many women post-divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2012 | Divorce

In years past, research strongly indicated that women who divorced usually suffered financial crisis, while the man’s income increased. Times are changing. In a recent report released by Pew Research, a Washington, D.C., organization that has a pulse on changing social issues, divorced women are not suffering the financial setbacks or stigma with which they were once branded.

It was not that long ago that most women were housekeepers, with many of them being flatly dependent on their husbands, who typically brought in the only income for a family. Today, a divorce is easier than ever to get, society doesn’t make a big deal of it and, with successful careers on the rise for women, many prefer to be single.

Statistics still show that women who do not have careers or do not receive child support suffer financial setbacks and a comparatively lower household income. However, the tables are turning in millions of cases, with more men now having less money in their pocket after a divorce because of divorce settlements and court-ordered child support payments.

For whatever reasons a divorce is obtained, the experience is never easy regardless of the financial situation. But because of changing times and social trends, women are now free to educate themselves more, seek careers, child support and, in some states, alimony. These factors put them ahead of the game financially and are leading more of them to promising, secure futures.

Source: Business Insider, “It’s getting easier for women to bounce back after divorce” Jill Krasny, Jan. 11, 2012