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Who is more likely to initiate a divorce?

Scientists have known for some time that women are more likely than men to initiate a divorce, but a new study is shedding light on why. In decades past, experts believed that women were simply more sensitive to relationship issues and feel issues are more significant than men do. However, the new study by a Stanford University associate professor has shown that the statistics of women being more likely to end the relationship only holds true for marriage.

What does a guardian ad litem do?

Custody issues are very rarely ever pleasant, but if you're in the middle of a heated dispute with your ex over an issue involving your children, you know just how stressful and scary it can be. When parents are at odds over what is best for their children, the courts will often appoint a guardian ad litem to protect the child's best interests throughout the court matter. Understanding just what a guardian ad litem is and what they do can help you navigate this challenging time.

Pretrial procedures: A motion for continuance

In complicated divorce cases, it's possible that a hearing date may need to be postponed for various reasons. Some of these include if a lawyer who has been recently retained to represent one party needs more time to prepare and get familiar with the case or if there is an issue getting a witness or certain evidence ready for the hearing. Usually, your lawyer will let you know if you need to file a motion for continuance and what that entails, but it can be helpful to understand the procedures.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in my divorce?

A divorce can fundamentally alter the lives of both spouses in several unexpected ways. A good example of this might be spouses who are not native residents of Florida and decide to return to their home states after their divorces. This can be especially problematic if those couples also share children together. Another example of how a divorce can affect you in strange ways is not having a full understanding of your marital wealth. A spouse that is purposely concealing assets from you can prevent you from getting an equitable distribution of the marital estate. Having an attorney that knows what to look for might have lasting benefits with regards to child support and alimony.

Surprising counter-petition in high-profile Florida divorce

A Florida pediatric dentist is now claiming that his ex-wife may have acted inappropriately with regards to handling their finances during their marriage. Although the couple's divorce was finalized on June 4, the dentist filed a counter-petition that same week alleging that his ex-wife set up a trust in secret where she reportedly stashed funds in excess of $2 million.

Does Florida recognize temporary alimony in divorces?

If you are currently considering divorce, it's likely that your concerns for your financial future are second only to the care of your children. Most married couples pool their incomes when it comes to paying for housing, food, transportation and the majority of other necessities. Depending on the length of your marriage, it's likely that both you and your future ex-spouse have come to rely on those shared funds to maintain your current standard of living.

Why coparenting is important

While a divorce means the end of the marital relationship, it does not mean the end of the family unit. It is imperative that both parents work together to coparent with the best interests of the children in mind, no matter how the former partners may feel about each other. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. To be able to work with your ex-spouse successfully when it comes to the children, it's important to understand how positive co-parenting impacts the kids.

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