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Disagreements about how to use money can lead to divorce 

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | High-asset Divorce

You often hear that financial issues lead to divorce. People often assume that this means these are low-income couples who don’t have enough money and can’t make ends meet, adding stress to their marriage and leading to disagreements and arguments.

While this certainly can be true, it’s also very common for financial disagreements to lead to divorce, even for very high earners. This can happen when two people simply look at money differently and do not agree on how they should use it. With these sort of fundamental differences, the exact amount that they’re earning isn’t as important. Whether someone makes minimum wage or $500,000 a year, they can still find themselves in financial disagreements with their spouse.

To spend or to save?

Some have referred to these conflicts as disagreements between spenders and savers. This is not a new phenomenon, but it’s also a difficult one to solve.

For instance, perhaps you believe that it’s best to enjoy life at the time and you like spending money in order to have these experiences. If your spouse likes the financial security that comes with saving, you may feel like your spouse is constantly keeping you from living the life that you want. At the same time, your spouse may feel like you are constantly wasting their money and taking away that financial stability that they crave so badly. 

In the end, you both feel very stressed out about the other person’s views on money, and that’s what causes the marriage to break down.

Are you getting a divorce?

If you’re at the point where you and your spouse have decided that divorce is what you both would like, then it’s time to begin looking into your legal options