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Financial stress often leads to divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | High-asset Divorce

One common trend you’ll find with divorce cases is that many of them happen because of financial stress. The financial issues that the couple is experiencing eventually become significant enough that they determine that they have to end their marriage.

However, people sometimes assume that financial stress always means the same thing – that the couple doesn’t have enough money to make ends meet. It is true that this can happen and it can lead to divorce as a result, but this is certainly not the only type of financial stress to consider.

Differences in how you use money

For example, one problematic type of financial stress happens when you and your spouse simply view your money very differently. One person may want to use their money in order to go on vacations, buy products that they want, invest in their own business or for many other reasons. The other person may want to save money, and they may see this spending as reckless or even frivolous. It doesn’t matter how much money the couple has; this difference in opinions can still cause a divorce.

Wealthy couples have elevated divorce risks

In fact, some studies have also said that the divorce risk goes up for wealthy couples. The financial security that comes along with being wealthy may make divorce more common, since both people know they will have enough money after the split. Additionally, differences in how you use or view money can certainly exist at any income level, and they can still cause the end of a marriage.

Couples that find themselves in this position need to make sure they understand all of the legal steps required to start the divorce process.