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Month: February 2016

Do you need a postnuptial agreement?

While it may seem counter-intuitive — and even a little bit disconcerting to think about — it's important to discuss how you plan to divide your assets with your future spouse should the marriage end. Luckily, prenuptial agreements have made their way into...

The rising link between Facebook and divorce

When a divorce is spurred by social media discoveries, it's often unofficially called a "Facebook divorce," even if the information came from Twitter, MySpace or any other social media site. This may be more common than you'd assume, Facebook divorces have come about...

Retaliatory behavior can make things worse

When conflicts start to arise after a divorce in Florida, there is sometimes an inclination to retaliate to try to make things "even." However, some experts warn that this can actually make things much worse, and it could even be illegal.For example, a father who does...

How can I receive divorced spousal benefits?

While it is something that many people give very little thought, the timing of a divorce is extremely important. Depending on your circumstances, when you divorce can affect everything from property division to your ability to receive divorced spousal benefits. This...