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February 2016 Archives

Do you need a postnuptial agreement?

While it may seem counter-intuitive — and even a little bit disconcerting to think about — it's important to discuss how you plan to divide your assets with your future spouse should the marriage end. Luckily, prenuptial agreements have made their way into mainstream America and are no longer reserved for the upper classes.

The rising link between Facebook and divorce

When a divorce is spurred by social media discoveries, it's often unofficially called a "Facebook divorce," even if the information came from Twitter, MySpace or any other social media site. This may be more common than you'd assume, Facebook divorces have come about for many reasons, such as one spouse finding messages between the other spouse and a third party that hint at an affair.

Senate bill could bring changes to custody in Florida

Senate Bill 250 has made it through one Senate committee, but it is getting mixed reviews from parents who have been through custody issues. The bill would create a default shared custody arrangement in the state of Florida, meaning that 50-50 custody agreements would be automatically deemed in the best interests of the children unless proven otherwise.

Post-divorce modifications to custody agreements

When parents divorce, it's the court's job to ensure that the child custody and visitation agreement is set up in the best interests of the children. However, children's needs changes as they get older, and the parameters of the child custody agreement can become outdated quickly, especially if the divorce happens when the children are very young.

How experts often ask questions about domestic violence

Domestic violence can often be a sensitive subject, as even those who are being abused may not want to speak up, or they may feel uncomfortable talking about it. As such, experts in Florida and across the United States have different tactics for asking questions about it.

How can I receive divorced spousal benefits?

While it is something that many people give very little thought, the timing of a divorce is extremely important. Depending on your circumstances, when you divorce can affect everything from property division to your ability to receive divorced spousal benefits. This is just one reason why it's always important to talk with a family law attorney about the specifics of your situation and your available options before making the final decision to move forward with a divorce.

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