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Don’t make these mistakes regarding prenups

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2016 | Prenuptial Agreements

Experts say there are a few classic mistakes that many couples make regarding prenuptial agreements. If you’re getting married in Florida, keep the following things in mind while considering the legal steps needed to draft your own prenup.

1. People often don’t talk about prenups at all. The common reason given for this is that it’s not a romantic thing to bring up. It feels so negative when a wedding is supposed to be positive. However, getting married is a legal decision, as well as a romantic one, so it’s smart to at least talk about it.

2. Those who do sign prenups keep thinking about them after tying the knot. Most experts say that it’s best to just file the prenup away, hope you never have to use it, and forget about it. If your marriage goes how you hope, you won’t need the document ever again. With it on file, though, you’re protected in case things don’t work out how you planned.

3. Some couples let their emotions dictate their prenups. It’s much better to try to step back and look at everything—assets, wealth, parenting planes, and the like—as rationally as possible. If you can, try to separate the emotional side of the marriage from the legal side.

4. Finally, some people rush the prenuptial agreement process. They may feel awkward about it, they may think it’s depressing, or they may just not like paperwork and tough decisions. To get it out of the way, they’ll just agree to whatever is proposed. With an important, binding document, this is never a wise idea. Couples need to take time and really think through the agreement and all that it entails.

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