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Post-divorce modifications to custody agreements

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2016 | Child Custody

When parents divorce, it’s the court’s job to ensure that the child custody and visitation agreement is set up in the best interests of the children. However, children’s needs changes as they get older, and the parameters of the child custody agreement can become outdated quickly, especially if the divorce happens when the children are very young.

Talking with a family law attorney during your divorce process can help you anticipate certain issues likely to come up in the future and make sure those are dealt with in the agreement. Examples of this are things such as participating in and paying for extracurricular activities or child care. However, it’s likely that you will still have to make changes to the agreement at some point in the future.

In many of these cases, the parents may be at a point where they can discuss things amicably and put together a post-divorce modification agreement on their own and then have an attorney submit it for approval to the courts. However, it’s not unusual for one parent to balk at the changes. When this happens having a lawyer who is ready to take the issue back into the Florida family court system and fight for your interests and the best interests of your children is important.

At Pacheco Perez, we have experience in negotiating post-divorce modifications and are also prepared and able to take the matter to trial if necessary. If you have questions about whether issues you are currently dealing with are worth addressing in a post-divorce modification hearing, we can help.