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March 2015 Archives

Could the proposed alimony rules affect my Florida divorce?

There are a variety of reasons why couples eventually decide to end their marriages. Perhaps some form of marital misconduct like infidelity or abandonment played a pivotal role. Still, for some others both spouses may have simply grown disinterested in continuing the relationship. Regardless of the reasons for divorce, the fact remains that fairness regarding the split should be a paramount concern to both parties.

Getting your fair share through marital property division

Florida is an equitable distribution state. This means all assets and property a husband and wife acquire while they are married are divided equitably between them upon divorce. The important thing to note here is that equitably doesn't automatically mean in half. Because of this, an otherwise generally amicable end to a marriage can become fraught with complexities.

Understanding your toddler’s best interests during a divorce

Divorce is never easy for children of any age, but for toddlers, the end of a marriage can be an especially confusing time. One of the reasons this is so troublesome for younger kids is that they are still at a point in their development where they require bonding and attachment. When couples decide to separate this can unfortunately bring about some regressive behaviors. For example, a toddler may react to the disruption of one parent moving away by internalizing feelings of abandonment. This can be particularly disturbing at the end of visitations when toddlers become rather clingy and somewhat aggressive as the parent begins to leave.

Celebrity divorce: Big dollars, but child support issues typical

Divorce cases involving children reflect the state guidelines for child support as a matter of course. Parents' incomes are taken into account, as are changes as time goes on. With personalized, experienced legal counsel, agreements can be reached between parents, and children can be provided for with court approval.

Your child’s health insurance and your child support order

Issues involving the calculation of child support can become hotly contested when parents decide to divorce. This is especially true in matters of health insurance coverage for children of the divorce. But which parent should pay for that insurance?

Legal issues that can complicate prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements are intended in part to make a divorce easier, setting up rules before a marriage even begins regarding what will happen when it ends. However, these agreements sometimes have the opposite effect in Florida if they are not handled properly, making things more complicated. Below are some of the main issues that could crop up.

Does technology endanger domestic violence victims?

When faced with a domestic violence situation, many individuals in Florida and other states are unable to clearly think about all the ramifications of the situation and their actions. Often, a response is about survival. One thing that may be important to surviving and getting out of an abusive situation is understanding how technology might put you at greater risk.

Child support by the numbers: Who isn't paying?

Florida parents may be interested in child support numbers that don't support traditional beliefs about who isn't paying. According to 2011 data from the United States Census Bureau, over $14 billion in child support was owed and unpaid at the time the census numbers were calculated. According to an expert from, the 2011 census data was the most current available as of a March 2015 interview with NPR.

Your Florida divorce and your social media accounts

When couples divorce in Florida, they must make decisions regarding the distribution of their property. If couples cannot decide about how their marital property should be divided, then the court will have no choice but to step in. Florida courts exercise the concept of "equitable distribution" when it comes to divvying up marital property between spouses.

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