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Celebrity divorce: Big dollars, but child support issues typical

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Divorce

Divorce cases involving children reflect the state guidelines for child support as a matter of course. Parents’ incomes are taken into account, as are changes as time goes on. With personalized, experienced legal counsel, agreements can be reached between parents, and children can be provided for with court approval.

A recent news report shows insight into what it means to deal with child support calculations at a much higher income level than is the norm for Florida families. A well-known executive and his wife are presently in the midst of a divorce case. The question is reportedly her assertion that his gross monthly income is about $100 million. She believes he is more than capable of paying more in child support than he maintains is appropriate.

Court records show the divorce commenced last July. A hearing is scheduled for next month to deal with their premarital agreement. Neither contests the split. However, an increase in child support to allow the children to live as they are accustomed has become an issue. The so-called richest man in Chicago argues his wife’s request for $1 million per month in child support wasn’t part of the prenuptial agreement, which records show gave her over $50 million if the marriage ended in divorce.

It’s reported that the crux of the matter revolves around her position that her husband explicitly approved of their children’s lifestyle prior to this point, but is falsely incredulous at the now-detailed cost of maintaining it. She contends an effort to disparage her is behind it, and he is objecting simply because he wants to control what he will and won’t pay. Her husband alleges that some of the expenses, such as 24/7 access to a private jet, a personal office and staff are clearly not for the children, and she should not benefit from services of staff in place to serve the children. According to some reports, the couple has made some accusations each has maligned the other through the media.

Clearly this couple’s incomes and lifestyles and that of their children aren’t typical. But the issues involved in divorce are universal: parents disagree about how much support is needed for their children. Effective representation in court and a fair determination based on strict legal guidelines may be what it takes to resolve this dispute.

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