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Getting your fair share through marital property division

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2015 | Property Division

Florida is an equitable distribution state. This means all assets and property a husband and wife acquire while they are married are divided equitably between them upon divorce. The important thing to note here is that equitably doesn’t automatically mean in half. Because of this, an otherwise generally amicable end to a marriage can become fraught with complexities.

Our law practice has extensive experience and a solid success rate in working through these complex property division issues. Our skill-backed focus is making sure our clients receive their fair share in every divorce we handle.

One of the most difficult challenges is explained further on our practice page. Determining what is considered to be marital property and what isn’t takes careful review. Sometimes, it requires in-depth investigation. When divorce proceedings aren’t so amicable, spouses can go to great lengths at times to hide assets. It can take aggressive representation in court to reveal the true value of a spouse’s share. Other times, it can come down to the give and take around the negotiation table that leads to the required equitable distribution.

Many times the situation isn’t complex because of either spouse’s actions. It’s simply a complicated family business situation, wealth in stocks, pension plans or real estate holdings that have accumulated over the course of the marriage. If no prenuptial agreement exists, realistic negotiations as to what assets came into the marriage with which spouse may be what leads to an agreement.

When a court must make the final decision, it might come down to an effective presentation of every relevant detail. Our legal team is precise in presenting those details for the most effective outcome.