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February 2015 Archives

Florida legislature to vote on alimony reform

Florida is one of the few states that still allows courts to grant alimony payments for a lifetime -- some say it's a throwback to past family cultures, when women were less likely to work outside the home. Today, many other states have limitations on how alimony can be awarded, and Florida legislators have been trying to enact similar rules in the state for several years.

Do property division rules apply to pets in Florida divorces?

When couples decide to end their marriages, there are generally two paths to the finish line. Couples who are able to remain civil with each other may elect to negotiate important decisions regarding their children and the division of property. The second path involves feuding couples who often rely on the courts to make those decisions based on evidence and testimony.

Tip for Florida parents who have recently experienced divorce

Nothing is easy about choosing to end your marriage. That process of moving forward with your life in a new direction can be even more challenging when children are involved. Divorced couples with children often want the best for their children, yet they often remain at odds with their ex-spouses. Financial struggles and lingering relationship battles sometimes cloud parents' decisions with regards to post-divorce parenting.

Intimate fashion business supports domestic violence victims

According to a worker with a domestic violence shelter for women, around one-fourth of all women experience sexual or domestic violence in their lifetime. She said many women in such positions seek assistance at local shelters, often arriving with little more than the outfit they left the home in.

Why should you discuss a prenuptial agreement?

For many people, the concept of a prenuptial disagreement is one of distrust. However, bringing up a prenup to your future spouse doesn't have to be a sign that you don't trust him or her. Instead, a premarital agreement can be a way to work together to build even more trust and create a strong foundation for future communication and understanding.

Post-divorce modifications to your Florida child custody plan

Florida family courts place a heavy emphasis on having both parents actively involved in the lives of their children. Currently, Florida uses the terms parental responsibility and time-sharing to refer to matters of child custody and visitation rights. Although the court would prefer the participation of both spouses in these activities, it also recognizes that unusual circumstances may dictate otherwise.

Non-custodial parent child support in Miami, Florida

Custodial parents in the judicial district of the 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Miami can approach the Child Support Enforcement Division for assistance in obtaining child support from a noncustodial parent. In some cases, parents are referred to the division and an application is mandatory; in others, parents can choose to file a free application with the division.

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