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Understanding the benefits of an uncontested divorce in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2015 | Divorce

Divorce doesn’t always have to be a war between spouses. Despite the common negative portrayal of hotly contested divorces in movies and television, many couples understand the advantages of amicably ending their marriages.

The fact is that if you have children, you are going to continue to have some contact with your ex-spouse for many years to come. Your children will invariably come to recognize hostilities between you and your ex-spouse at some point in time. Whether they learn about it during an angry exchange during time-sharing meetings or discover your animosity some other way, they will know that the two of you are still mad at each other.

The manner in which a couple is divorced can play a central role in how both spouses treat each other. In a previous article on our website, we discussed how some divorcing couples are even choosing to throw divorce parties to signal the end of their marriages. Why not set the tone now for your future relationship with your ex-spouse by choosing to end your marriage through mutual negotiations?

Florida law allows divorcing couples to work with each other and come to marital divorce agreements regarding child custody, child support and all other divorce-related issues rather than resolving those matters at trial.

In a typical uncontested divorce, both spouses will be represented by their attorneys and meet somewhere outside of the courtroom to work out the particulars of ending their marriages. This can be an advantage to both spouses because each of them will have an opportunity to voice their concerns and speak freely regarding their desires and intentions. There is also the benefit of reduced attorney’s fees because a marital settlement agreement often takes considerably less time and fewer court appearances.

Based in Miami, our law firm is recognized throughout the local legal community as strong advocates for our clients. We provide experienced, cost-effective representation whether you choose to decide your divorce at trial or enter into marital agreement negotiations.

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