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Intimate fashion business supports domestic violence victims

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2015 | Domestic Violence

According to a worker with a domestic violence shelter for women, around one-fourth of all women experience sexual or domestic violence in their lifetime. She said many women in such positions seek assistance at local shelters, often arriving with little more than the outfit they left the home in.

One need for women in such shelters that is often overlooked are intimate personal items such as underwear. While shelters in Florida and across the country receive donations of gently used clothing, shelter workers say no one really wants to give or receive used underthings. When facing a domestic violence struggle and dealing with legal options such as retraining orders or even divorce paperwork, not having something as simple as a clean pair of underwear can be devastating.

One business woman in another state is working to make a difference in this small area of the lives of domestic abuse victims. The woman operates MADI Apparel. The brand stands for Make A Difference Intimate Apparel and sells intimate items, including women’s underwear. The business donates one pair of underwear to domestic violence shelters for every pair that sells.

The underwear is donated to women in Florida and four other states at this time. The business owner said the idea came to her after she heard a family member’s story of domestic abuse. After hearing the story, she wanted to find a way to give back and says that underwear is very under-donated and is an obvious need.

While shelters and volunteers attempt to make an emotional and safety difference in the lives of domestic violence victims, legal remedies can also have an impact. Understanding all options for survival and moving into the future can help someone in such a situation seek a positive ending.

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