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October 2014 Archives

Dividing property based on a prenuptial agreement

As a divorce is finalized, couples in Florida will often focus on dividing their property. This is something that couples can occasionally agree on, but many divorce cases have to go to court to find a reasonable solution. Things that could be considered include:

The blurred lines of marital property

Dividing marital property can be difficult during and following a divorce, especially when contentious issues arise between the parties. Finances can be a sticking point when both individuals are attempting to look out for themselves. Add minor children to the mix, and even well-meaning parents can find themselves in divorce disagreements over a number of money questions.

What factors do Florida judges consider regarding child support?

Child support is one of the biggest things to be addressed during any divorce in Florida. No matter where you stand on this personally -- whether you want to get support or whether you may need to pay it out -- it is important to understand exactly how the system works and what factors play into the equation. Below are some of the things -- though not all -- that judges are going to consider when deciding who has to pay and how much needs to be paid.

An invalid divorce can cause issues years later

A second or later marriage comes with some risks if either party to the marriage was not thorough in the legality of a previous divorce. There are several reasons that a divorce may be invalidated; in one case highlighted by the Social Security Administration, a possibly invalid divorce could have risked the wife's ability to claim benefits through her husband's earnings record.

Physical violence may come after other types of abuse in Florida

When physical domestic violence takes place, it sometimes gets the most attention from the media. One only has to look at the cases involving Ray Rice and Jeffery Taylor, both of whom are professional athletes, to see how this works. However, some professionals caution that physical violence may only happen after other types of abuse have already taken place.

Child custody cases that cross state lines can get complicated

For Florida parents, child custody is often a big concern in any split-family situation. Custody issues sometimes extend to other members of the family, including grandparents. When child custody issues cross state lines, however, it can become complicated for families.

Creating a parenting plan for your special-needs child

Divorce is a tough process when you have children, but it can be even rockier if your youngster has special needs. October is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Awareness Month, which allows us to bring an extra bit of attention to those parents who are trying to create a parenting plan for their special-needs youngsters. Statistics show that about 10 percent of kids ages 4 to 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD. Compare that to the skyrocketing divorce rates in many states -- including Florida -- and you may have a recipe for disaster if you do not proceed with caution.

Seeking help with your premarital agreement

Some individuals and couples in Florida and across the nation balk at the idea of a premarital agreement. They believe the agreement takes away from the romance and commitment of the marriage process. When done correctly, however, a premarital agreement can actually enhance commitment to one another.

Oil baron's divorce leaves billions on the line

It is unlikely that your divorce involves dividing up billions of dollars worth of assets. Still, no matter the size of your marital holdings, most couples can learn from the example that is currently being set by the divorce of Harold and Sue Ann Hamm. Harold is the billionaire owner of a successful oil company, and the couple's divorce has been making headlines from Florida to California -- and everywhere in between.

What happens if you don't pay child support in Florida?

A point of contention in many divorces is the amount of support one spouse will pay another. Even two parents who do want the best for their children may argue over child support payments, and there are times when the amount of child support required by an order becomes too much for one party to handle.

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