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The blurred lines of marital property

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2014 | Property Division

Dividing marital property can be difficult during and following a divorce, especially when contentious issues arise between the parties. Finances can be a sticking point when both individuals are attempting to look out for themselves. Add minor children to the mix, and even well-meaning parents can find themselves in divorce disagreements over a number of money questions.

For one couple, whose divorce is playing out somewhat publicly due to the husband’s political position, messy divorce disagreements over property and money have literally come home to roost. Court papers currently identify poor housing conditions related to the couple’s 5,300-square-foot Florida home. According to the documents, broken windows and a leaking roof have caused mold and moisture damage inside the home.

The wife currently lives in the allegedly damaged home with four children. Court documents state that she lived as a stay-at-home mom during the marriage, so she has no income. Reports are that the man has been the sole provider of income during the couple’s marriage, which lasted 24 years.

Court documents further allege that the husband cut off credit card funding for the wife. The man’s attorney responded to the allegations of neglect of the home. He said the man was paying the mortgage as well as utility bills, household expenses and child support. The total monthly expense for the man was over $10,000, said his attorney.

Not every divorce case involves large homes and thousands each month, but any money matters can be complicated. Issues become even more complex with marital situations, such as one spouse providing all the income, making an even split of assets and debts seemingly impossible. For either side of an issue, understanding legal rights and options is one way to work toward a desired outcome.

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