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Child custody cases that cross state lines can get complicated

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2014 | Child Custody

For Florida parents, child custody is often a big concern in any split-family situation. Custody issues sometimes extend to other members of the family, including grandparents. When child custody issues cross state lines, however, it can become complicated for families.

One current custody case involves adults and children in Florida and two other states. The case began when two children were removed from their mother’s home. Reports are that the mother lost custody because of allegations of abuse or neglect.

During the initial time of the custody case, the children’s father was being or had recently been released from a Florida prison. He had been incarcerated on charges of lascivious and lewd acts with a teenager. According to his parents, his alleged crimes occurred when he was younger and before he had children.

The state where the children were living put them in foster care with a family. The family later filed adoption paperwork.

According to reports, the children’s paternal grandparents have been working from another state to gain custody of their grandchildren. They are certified to foster children and their home state has reviewed their living situation and reported that it is adequate for the care of the two children. The children’s father has also challenged the adoption, according to reports.

Though the adoption has been put on hold, word from a judge in the children’s home state is that he doesn’t intend to return them to their birth family. The grandparents are waiting on a final determination about custody and adoption.

Every custody case comes with unique needs. Crossing state lines can add legal complexity to any family law case, so it’s important to understand the ways your situation can impact the chance at success.

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