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June 2014 Archives

Handling your spouse when you say you want a divorce

No one wants to tell your spouse that you want a divorce. It is generally an unpleasant experience that is rife with emotion. Initiating a breakup can be even more difficult when the other person involved in the divorce is actively trying to make you stay in the relationship. Both men and women are guilty of ostensibly ignoring their relationship problems until it is simply too late. So, what do you do when your soon-to-be ex-spouse tries to convince you to stay? We have some coping mechanisms to help you achieve a clean break.

Man arrested for domestic violence after recent marriage

Individuals who are in a marriage that involves domestic violence may feel trapped or frightened, and making a decision to change the situation takes courage and resolution. In some cases, individuals may have been victims of domestic violence even before the marriage, but there are numerous legal options that can help victims protect themselves and alter their living situation.

Woman takes girl after visitation, facing abduction charge

A Florida woman who allegedly kidnapped her child in May is facing federal criminal charges in connection with the incident. The 22-year-old woman apparently absconded with the 2-year-old girl in order to avoid vaccinating the youngster. The abduction reportedly occurred after the girl's father had dropped her off with her mother for a court-ordered visitation. The woman is accused of transporting her child across state lines in an effort to avoid prosecution in Florida.

Should your premarital agreement include social media?

Social media use is on the rise, according to data from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. The Academy says 80 percent of attorneys dealing in divorce have seen an increase in social networking involvement in proceedings. For some individuals in Miami, Florida, bringing social media into a divorce could create consequences across careers and other aspects of life.

Myths about child custody: Fight against your misconceptions

You've heard the ones about the three little pigs, Goldilocks and the tortoise and the hare. Chances are, though, that those are not the only fairy tales and myths you have encountered in your life -- what about those surrounding your Florida divorce? Misconceptions abound for couples who are looking to dissolve their marriage, especially where child custody proceedings are concerned. Get ready to challenge some of your inaccurate beliefs about child custody negotiations.

Son's ashes not marital property, says court

Divorcing couples in Florida often work to divide marital property, and it's not surprising that disputes over fair division arise. Though property tends to encompass assets such as money or real estate, many couples have sentimental items or property that cause tension in a divorce. One Florida couple is currently battling over the equitable distribution of their son's remains.

Witness protection program complicates Florida divorce

What happens if you want to divorce someone in the witness protection program? Although this is a relatively rare request, one Florida couple is facing some difficulty in ending their marriage because the Federal Bureau of Prisons has the man locked up in a secret detention facility. This inconvenient fact is making it nearly impossible for the two to divorce, since federal officials have to serve as intermediaries in the case.

Celebrating new beginnings with a divorce party

Attorneys and event planners across the country have noted an increasing trend in parties that celebrate the end of a divorce. Miami residents who have gone through a divorce -- amicable or not -- may want to celebrate the new beginning of freedom in their lives. According to event planners, divorce parties even have some of the elements of a wedding, complete with a special cake.

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