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Man arrested for domestic violence after recent marriage

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2014 | Domestic Violence

Individuals who are in a marriage that involves domestic violence may feel trapped or frightened, and making a decision to change the situation takes courage and resolution. In some cases, individuals may have been victims of domestic violence even before the marriage, but there are numerous legal options that can help victims protect themselves and alter their living situation.

Though legal remedies exist, victims of domestic violence must want the change for solutions to work. In a recent case in Florida, a woman who was the victim of domestic violence reportedly married the man who was accused of abusing her. Authorities report that the man had been arrested for a domestic violence charge. On April 24, a no-contact order was issued.

Despite that order, the couple reportedly got married. On June 15, police were called after the wife sought assistance at a nearby medical center. She had bruises near her throat and cuts on her legs, say police. The wife said that her husband choked her after they argued about the previous domestic violence arrest. She said she lost consciousness due to being choked.

The woman also told police that she tried to leave when she woke up. At that time, she says the man choked her again. She passed out again. According to reports, before choking her, the man pushed her into a mirror, which is where the cuts came from. Eventually, the woman was able to escape the home to seek help.

Police report that they found the husband hiding nearby. He was on the patio of another residence. The man allegedly said that the woman walked into the mirror.

No matter what events lead to a marriage that involves domestic abuse, individuals have a right to seek a better situation. A confidential discussion with someone who has legal understanding can help victims understand their options and plan for a safer future.

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