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Celebrating new beginnings with a divorce party

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2014 | Divorce

Attorneys and event planners across the country have noted an increasing trend in parties that celebrate the end of a divorce. Miami residents who have gone through a divorce — amicable or not — may want to celebrate the new beginning of freedom in their lives. According to event planners, divorce parties even have some of the elements of a wedding, complete with a special cake.

Divorce party cakes run the gamut from tongue-in-cheek depictions of one spouse pushing another from the top to simple cakes in favorite flavors. One couple co-hosted their divorce party, and she made a lemon cake they would both enjoy. The couple reportedly cut the cake together, symbolizing that they would move forward with co-parenting of their children. The man said that it was important to see positive closure on the marriage, especially for the kids.

Divorce parties aren’t something new. One baker said he first started making divorce cakes as early as eight years ago. The celebrations are growing in number, however. One expert said that it was simply an outgrowth of an American trend in diverse celebration. People celebrate a number of things today — such as pets’ birthdays — that they didn’t celebrate in the past.

For many individuals, divorce parties help set a tone for the future. After emotional upheaval and a lot of difficult work involved in many divorces, a big gesture to show that the future can be positive helps many. For families with children or close ties, a divorce party helps illustrate the point that two people can still be involved in everyone’s lives and civil to each other during future events.

Before a divorce party, however, serious legal issues must be considered. After deciding alimony, child support and division of property, individuals can decide whether to throw joint or separate divorce parties.

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