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March 2016 Archives

What kind of resources exist for parents paying child support?

While it can often seem like there are many more agencies and organizations set up to help parents collect child support, there are also several resources that can help those paying. The Florida Department of Revenue is responsible for child support within the state. This department offers services for both those paying and receiving child support.

It can help to think of marriage like a business

Most people don't think of marriage the same way that they think of running a business, primarily because of the involvement of love and related emotions. People think of business in a very professional sense, and it can even come across as cold and calculating. This isn't the way that they want to look at a marriage, which is supposed to be one of the happiest times of their lives.

Does a rapist have any parental rights?

Whether or not a rapist has any automatic parental rights or is able to petition the courts for custody or visitation is a state and not a federal matter. While this may change in the future — as this is one area where legislation is often proposed — for now, Florida does allow for a rapists parental rights to be terminated at the request of the child's mother. Understanding what the law allows for and everything that may come up during the termination process is an important part of being prepared.While some states have laws that only allow for the termination of a rapist's parental rights in part, Florida's guidelines allow for all rights to be terminated. There also does not have to be a conviction for the rape on record for the termination.

Is it possible to get custody after a same-sex divorce?

With same-sex marriage now legal across the United States, LGBT parents are finding that divorcing can create some unique issues. One of the main areas is the problem of who gets custody of the children when the couple divorces because both are not biological parents of the child.

New alimony guidelines clear Senate, headed to House

When couples are married for a significant length of time, it can mean that alimony comes into play. In some cases, alimony can be very difficult to change once it has been ordered, and there are situations where one person could be paying the ex alimony permanently. Senate Bill 668 is trying to make changes to the way alimony is dealt with in Florida, but not all are happy about the possible changes.

Abusers may manipulate victims into denying abuse

Domestic violence situations can be very complicated, in part because they often involve two people who had, at least for a time, a very close relationship. One reason that a person may deny that he or she is being abused, even if the evidence is very clear, is that he or she may still have strong feelings for the abuser.

Domestic violence and divorce

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. Victims come from many different backgrounds and life circumstances, and domestic violence does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. While for those on the outside, it may seem like a black and white situation where you just cut off all contact with the aggressor, in cases of divorce, it's not always this easy.

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