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April 2014 Archives

Business as marital property: Working with your ex after divorce

Sometimes, divorce can mean happily ever after. That is right; for a noticeable population of Floridians, divorce is actually the ticket to financial prosperity. That is because these couples choose to retain their jointly owned businesses, acting as business partners instead of romantic partners. This property division decision is not for everyone, but some special ex-couples have been able to enjoy financial success through a business partnership with their former spouses.

Do-it-yourself divorce kits cause more trouble than good

One size fits all in hats, mittens and some types of socks, but that is certainly not the case with a Florida divorce. With the growing availability of do-it-yourself divorce kits online, many may be attracted to this "easier" option. When it comes down to the bottom line, though, you may be getting just what you pay for when it comes to your bargain-basement Internet breakup.

Rapper ordered to pay $7,000 monthly in child support

For divorcing couples in the Miami, Florida, area, issues related to children are often the most emotional, drawn out part of the process. In many cases, both parents are fighting for what they think is best for their kids. In some cases, one parent is fighting to ensure another is held responsible financially. Outside of the state, a performing artist and movie actor was ordered by a judge to make full payments on requested child support to the mother of his infant child.

Start talking about summertime child custody plans during spring

Spring: The time when a young person's thoughts turn to baseball -- and child custody issues? Although Florida children may not be entirely tuned in to their own visitation schedule with their parents, it is critical to make these decisions before summertime arrives. Child custody experts say that April is the perfect time to start thinking about summer visitation and physical custody plans.

Lawsuit occurs despite premarital agreements

Many people see prenups as a legal device employed by the wealthy. In truth, premarital agreements can be used to set out expectations for a relationship, property or finances regardless of what monetary status couples have going into a marriage. Without the proper forethought and legal knowledge, however, a prenuptial won't fully protect you and your family.

Paltrow, Martin facing complex property division in divorce

We've heard a lot about the Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin divorce in recent days, especially since the couple is espousing the new mantra of "conscious uncoupling." Although the couple's philosophy of divorce has been on Florida residents' minds, fewer celebrity sites are talking about the property division at stake in this marital dissolution. Financial experts say that the pair could be dividing a massive $280 million estate, as each member of the couple is worth about $140 million each.

Judge grants child custody to state in controverial case

Parents in Miami, Florida, may consider custody issues before, during and after a divorce. Most would not consider child custody an issue when seeking medical assistance for their kids. A case from another state that has garnered national attention came to a controversial turn recently when a judge granted permanent custody of a 15-year-old girl to the state.

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