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Start talking about summertime child custody plans during spring

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Child Custody

Spring: The time when a young person’s thoughts turn to baseball — and child custody issues? Although Florida children may not be entirely tuned in to their own visitation schedule with their parents, it is critical to make these decisions before summertime arrives. Child custody experts say that April is the perfect time to start thinking about summer visitation and physical custody plans.

Gurus say that the key to successful summer planning lies in parents’ communication skills. Be sure to talk to your child’s other parent about your own scheduled time off. Childcare needs during the summer can differ dramatically from those experienced during the school year. Kids may also be reaching the age at which overnight camps and other stays with relatives may be appropriate. Discussing these major issues now saves a significant amount of time, and it will allow you to enjoy a peaceful June.

Experts encourage parents to talk to their children about their desires for summertime activities. Younger children, for example, may be reluctant to spend a long period of time with their non-custodial parent, simply because they are not as familiar. Teens may also be hesitant, but for a different reason; they may not want to leave their school friends for a full week just so a parent can exercise visitation rights. Integrate your kids’ concerns into your visitation plan, and you are sure to have a more positive family dynamic as summertime begins.

Families who are facing summertime physical custody challenges may benefit from the assistance of a Florida family attorney. These professionals can help families resolve custody disputes, allowing for the best interests of the child to be served at all times during the year. A Florida lawyer may be a critical ally for those seeking expansions or modifications to their visitation rights.

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