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November 2012 Archives

Indy, Nascar star Patrick announces divorce

After being married for seven years, Danica Patrick and her husband Paul Hospenthal, who works as a physical therapist, are calling it quits and divorcing. The split appears to be an amicable one, unlike many divorces that can get messy and upsetting for everyone involved. The marriage had not produced any children, which generally makes divorce less complicated, with no dissolution-related issues concerning child custody, visitation and child support to contend with

Family law concerns sometimes sparked by storms, disasters

People across the country, and certainly in Florida, have been riveted over the past several weeks on information and news relating to Sandy, the unprecedented storm that, with outsized momentum and fury, laid waste to many parts of the East Coast, most especially New Jersey and areas of New York City.

Florida, other states promoting foster/biological parent contacts

For decades, the prevailing thought regarding children placed into foster care was that it was best to keep the biological and foster parents cut off from communication with each other. That mindset has changed in recent years, though, as experts have realized the benefits of communication between those two sets of parents.

Pet custody disputes a growing trend during divorce

Florida is an "equitable distribution" state, which means that anything that a married couple obtained during their marriage will be equitably divided amongst the two parties should they divorce. A common misinterpretation of this law is that the property will be equally divided. That may happen with certain items, but it is the exception more often than it is the rule.

New study shows the insurance hardships in wake of divorce

Even couples who are happily married know the difficult and painful nature of divorce. There are valuable assets that change hands; there are complex emotional and family dynamics to consider once the split is final; and, most importantly for those couples with children, there are support and custody arrangements that need to be made so that both parents get a fair amount of time with their kids.

Divorce considerations, including Social Security entitlement

As we have indicated in past blog posts, every divorce is unquestionably unique. Couples are all different, and marital circumstances that have led to separation and divorce proceedings are couple-specific and singular in every case.

Divorce proceedings often trigger acts of domestic violence

Domestic abuse against women makes headlines regularly. There is a notable rise in acts of violence throughout various counties in Florida. But domestic violence is not just a family problem within the inner walls of a dwelling place: It is a serious crime that often brings a tragic outcome.

One state cuts back on grandparents' rights in visitation cases

A recent high-court ruling from Kentucky in a family law case underscores both in Florida and elsewhere across the nation judicial scrutiny of grandparents' rights in child custody cases and courts' assessment of them in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2000.

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