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Indy, Nascar star Patrick announces divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2012 | Divorce

After being married for seven years, Danica Patrick and her husband Paul Hospenthal, who works as a physical therapist, are calling it quits and divorcing. The split appears to be an amicable one, unlike many divorces that can get messy and upsetting for everyone involved. The marriage had not produced any children, which generally makes divorce less complicated, with no dissolution-related issues concerning child custody, visitation and child support to contend with

The 17-year age difference apparently didn’t play a role in the divorce, with Patrick taking to Facebook to talk about what a good friend her husband has been to her and how he will remain a friend. While her personal life might not be doing well, she has completed her first full NASCAR season and it looks as though she will be a contender moving forward in the sport.

Before NASCAR, she had strong success in IndyCar racing. Patrick continues to have success with sponsors as well, and will remain in commercials for when it offers up its ads during next year’s Super Bowl. The domain provider will sponsor her car next year, as well, and she will be in the top level of NASCAR full time.

Her career was not cited as a reason for the split from her husband, but the demands of a full schedule in auto racing are high and it is also possible the two have simply grown apart since they married in 2005. They met during treatment for an injury Patrick sustained, and their lives were (and are) very different. That difference may have been too much to overcome any longer.

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