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October 2012 Archives

When foreign law features in Florida, other states' divorces

A divorce in America can intrinsically be somewhat complicated and messy. When it comes to handling matters of the Islamic governing law Shariah, though, even some divorce professionals are sometimes stumped as to what the right course of action is.

Florida parents: how to get through the holidays freshly divorced

It may be too early to put up decorations, but now is a good time to set up family plans for the holidays. Florida parents may know being divorced can be near impossible to navigate and it only gets messier when there are children involved. There are questions that most parents have never had to ask themselves before but become increasingly difficult to answer as the holiday season looms closer.

Florida's former First Lady speaks out against domestic violence

Domestic violence affects so many households and families all over the United States and previous First Lady of Florida Columba Bush has recently spoken up about the victims' struggles and the centers offering help for those victims. As it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Bush and her husband are joining the cause and using the appropriate time to announce their new foundation, the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Foundation. The FCADV Foundation will be having an event later this week to introduce the foundation and its efforts.

When you regret executing that marital contract

Here's a hypothetical. You're on the cusp of your Florida divorce and suddenly thinking back to that day just prior to your marriage when you and your spouse decided to execute a prenuptial agreement. It seemed like a good idea on a number of fronts, lending certainty and assurances to things like property division in the event of a dissolution, how assets such as art, jewelry and separate property brought into the marriage would be handled and a host of other considerations.

Stepfamilies: Bonding, divorces, maintaining ties into the future

Here's a typical hypothetical, although researchers note that, given the sheer diversity in America's demographics, the following is often close to the truth of what spells reality in family groups in the United States.

McCourt's back where they started after fraud alleged: in court

It might take quite a search to find a divorce case that more truly qualifies as a complex property division dispute than the McCourt matter that has been prominently scoring headlines in Los Angeles and elsewhere across the country for more than two years.

"Who owns what?" is disputed in Rolling Stones planned auction

A proposed auction of memorabilia and other assets once owned by Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has triggered accusations by the musician that his ex-wife is selling his personal property without his authorization. While his former spouse contends that all of the items being sold are rightfully hers per the terms of their divorce settlement addressing equitable distribution and division of assets, Wood is adamant that the property is his, and he is seeking to stop the sale of those items.

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